Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"I'm not afraid to live," said Billy the mouse to his best friend of six months, Alex the mouse, right before he jumped off the table and into a small box filled with Styrofoam stuffing. From Alex's view point it looked as if Billy had been swallowed up by the stuffing. "Billy? Billy, are you OK?" Alex heard nothing but silence. He yelled this time, "BILLY?" Nothing.

Alex knew from the get go this was a foolish idea. But Billy insisted that Alex was just being a worry wart. Alex couldn't really disagree with this point, he had always been a worry wart, and half proud of the fact-- it's kept him out of danger. He could always live vicariously threw the dangerous acts of others, like Billy. Billy however was the only one Alex ever actually liked as a friend. Billy not only was risky, but smart. It wasn't just the adventure that kept Alex stimulated, but the adventures that Billy chose. Alex recognized Billy as unconventional... special.

After the arduous journey back down the table Alex sat in front of the hole that he and Billy had previously chewed through the bottom of the card board box as an escape hole after jumping from the table into the foam.

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