Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gregg's adventures PART 2

Gregg looks up at the stupid tree and surveys his options. The tree stands about twenty eight feet high. The cat was at the tippy top. The nearest branch to Gregg was about eight feet above his head. Looking at the tree trunk through the light rainy mist, Gregg, recalled the title of a, Bon Jovi, album his older sister owned from his childhood: Slippery when wet. He noticed a six foot span of weathered rope, that looked like it would break in a strong breeze, hanging down the trunk. It was with in easy-reach, so Gregg grabbed it and gave it a good tug. Besides it being super slippery, it was surprisingly strong. Gregg reached his right arm up as about as high as he could reach, grabbed the rope, and wrapped it around his hand a good-couple-times. Waisting no time, he hoisted himself up with one simultaneous push of his right leg off the tree, and pull of his right arm on the rope. He then clasped the first tree branch, with the rope attached to it, with his left hand. It was far less slippery than he had imagined; Probably the bark. He then reached up with his right hand and grabbed the branch, pulled himself up with the help of his feet and legs, and positioned himself as comfortable as possible, onto the branch, and squatted like an Indian. It was then that he noticed the rope had actually grown into where the branch and trunk of the tree met-- or they had grown around the rope. He imagined the little girl, when she was even more little, playing with a then fresh rope, throwing it over the branch until it stayed or got stuck, some years ago. He then looked up at the tree, and remembered to hate his situation again.

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