Monday, June 8, 2009

Gregg's adventures PART 1

Gregg stood on the damp sidewalk. A light drizzle of rain hitting his face, unprotected by his rain coat. He was looking sympathetically at a nine year old girl crying her eyes out, worried about her cat that was stuck, dangerously high, in a, dangerously old tree. Gregg was a little bit high, from taking a hit of pot before leaving his house to get a hot dog and slushy from the neighborhood Seven Eleven. He hated being in this situation. What other choice did he have but to help this poor little girls cat?
"Don't worry, he's gonna be fine. He's a cat. They're made to be climbers!" Gregg said trying to comfort the girl. It was pointless, she was in hysterics. He imagined, for a moment, one of those dramatic Hollywood scenes where the hysterical person is slapped out of it. He decided pretty quickly that was probably not the best option given the circumstances.
"I'm going to get the cat. Don't worry, it'll be fine!" Gregg cheered as he walked off towards the tree.
He looks up from the base of the tree, and hates his situation again.

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