Friday, November 2, 2012

On My Way, Sire

Hey, butler with the soup.
Get over here with that
delicious dish!

You are fortunate
that I'm in a
good mood

I had a
delightful dream
last night, you see.

I was not merely
but a swan,
I was a swan
dancing dangerously
on a frozen lake!

It was truly
a poetic

That doesn't give you any leeway
to trudge
over here,
like a...

Oh what's that word...

Oh you know--a big clumsy slow-witted person!?


that's what I was trying to think of!

Now stop trudging
like an oaf, and
dash diligently
over here with that

I am aware of the distance of my
long table...
I get it.

But you HAVE to admit
that you're

I'm not a
bad baron!

Am I right?

I treat ALL
of my servants
due dignity
and respect.

Am I right?

I'm right!
What am I saying!

Of course
I'm right!

don't delay
get over here
with that
dingy dog!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The sent of smoldering gunpowder stung her nostrils as Beth stood stunned. She had not even a millisecond of time to gain her thoughts during this whole debacle. But, now... now that her brother lied dead, blood racing to cover the linoleum on her kitchen floor, did she have time to think.

There was not much to think about, it was pretty cut and dry: she's been on edge lately. Her ex boyfriend is a little crazy and has been threatening her. Buying a gun was the smart thing to do. She took some operational and safety classes on using it. It was for her protection.
Thinking much about other things

Yet I work hard

May not be the thing I love

But it pays me

Keep my nose to the grind

I like only the money

The unknown stain bugged the crap out of Ted. When wearing the shirt, it might as well be a stain on his brain. Helpless he felt.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Take a Left

If you do it
you'll be fine.
Take a left
my friend.
Take a left at that
That's where you want
to go.
If you need
I'll make perfect sense.
If that"s what you need?
No problem, dummy: a stupid person.
Take that left,
you'll be on your way.
Everything will be all good
that way.
Just take that left.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Gonna Eat That?

The crumbs on the table sit and wait
To be brushed away is their fate
Regrettably they fell off the plate
No worries now it is too late

He wipes them away with moist rag
Tosses them aimlessly into a bag
About careless people he has to nag
Stench of garbage causes him to gag

The bag is picked up by a man with a hump
It started small just a little lump
Garbage truck crushes bag with hydraulic pump
Escorted away to the city dump

Birds peck through garbage at the dump for dinner
Little one squawks found the crumbs she’s a winner
Her small body couldn’t get much thinner
Getting cold time to head south for the winter

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

THIS fucking kid

The kid had lost his, Grover nose, and he was pissed. (Yes, Grover from Sesame Street.) Five years old, he didn't care about much else. He could be a wicked little bitch if he wanted to. Momma's dishes were his victim tonight. He knew what he was doing. He just needed someone else to feel the hurt that he was; might as well be Momma. He went into the kitchen quick, but steady, head cocked to the side; a deep guttural scream poured out of him that faded into, "WHERE IS MY GROVER NOSE!" He grabbed the first dish he saw out of the counter drying rack and lashed it into the tile floor. It shattered to pieces. Felt good to do that! Then it felt suddenly bad. He was socked in the stomach with instant regret. What a foolish thing to have done! But wait, he was mad, it wasn't his fault. He rolled with that mind-frame; it would be his motivation for when momma surely would come and scream at him. He realizes simply using, "I broke your plate because my Grover nose is missing" as an excuse just wouldn't cut the mustard. He had to hang on to the pain of not having his Grover nose, and use it to make momma have some sympathy for him.

It was then that he noticed he had cut his foot, and it was bleeding. He began to cry from that. NEW PLAN!