Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The sent of smoldering gunpowder stung her nostrils as Beth stood stunned. She had not even a millisecond of time to gain her thoughts during this whole debacle. But, now... now that her brother lied dead, blood racing to cover the linoleum on her kitchen floor, did she have time to think.

There was not much to think about, it was pretty cut and dry: she's been on edge lately. Her ex boyfriend is a little crazy and has been threatening her. Buying a gun was the smart thing to do. She took some operational and safety classes on using it. It was for her protection.
Thinking much about other things

Yet I work hard

May not be the thing I love

But it pays me

Keep my nose to the grind

I like only the money

The unknown stain bugged the crap out of Ted. When wearing the shirt, it might as well be a stain on his brain. Helpless he felt.