Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miss Rita

"I quit" said the servant, grinding his teeth, muscles tight, his face melted down in disgust at the way his boss-lady is always making passes at him. "You're a fool, Carlos! You could have this." Miss Rita said gesturing her hand down her worn out body. "Now throw down your rake and take care of mama, and mama's gonna take real good care of you... and your family." Carlos flung his rake to the ground, it hits the grass with a loud, thwap-sound; Miss Rita flinches. Carlos stares silent at her for a moment, his eyes squinted, the look of disgust never leaving his face. "It's women like you, Miss Rita, that give the world a bad name." "Well that just sounds foolish now doesn't it?" Miss Rita said, then takes a tough drag of her cigarette. Carlos turns away from her and marches off, leaving Miss Rita alone. "Damn it, I really liked that one too!"

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